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Uplifting Trance (2017)

Uplifting Trance (2017)

Раздел: Trance / Melodic / Energy
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Стиль: Trance / Melodic / Energy

Uplifting Trance (2017)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Uplifting Trance 2017
Label: RNM Bundles
Style: Melodic, Emotional, Harmonic
Release Date: 11-11-2016
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 25 Tracks
Size: 409 Mb / 02:49:00 Min

01. Alan Morris Ft. Jess Morgan - Made Of Light (Original Mix) 06:52
02. Amir Hussain & Cathy Burton - Loving You Just The Same (Original Mix) 07:50
03. Chris Metcalfe & Sue Mclaren - Stardust (Original Mix) 06:26
04. Arnoud Van Der Werf & F.G. Noise - Nostalgia (Original Mix) 07:32
05. Adam Ellis & Lifeline & Denise Rivera - Outside Myself (Original Mix) 08:30
06. Maarten De Jong & Katty Heath - All That Matters (Original Mix) 06:44
07. Reorder & Katty Heath - Our Nature (Original Mix) 05:51
08. Kaimo K - Rise & Smile (Original Mix) 07:58
09. Artisan & Kate Louise Smith - I Follow (F.G. Noise Remix) 07:35
10. Mike Van Fabio & Elles De Graaf - As Fears Go By (Original Mix) 07:22
11. Stoneface & Terminal With Ana Criado - My Heart Wont Tell You No (Original Mix) 08:20
12. Bluskay - After Life (Original Mix) 06:42
13. Sergey Shabanov & Hanna Finsen - Should Have Told You (Original Mix) 07:01
14. Jericho Frequency & Chloe - Remember You (Original Mix) 07:29
15. Relocate Vs. Robert Nickson - Initium (Ferrin & Morris Remix) 07:40
16. Liam Wilson & Cathy Burton - Let Healing Begin (Original Mix) 06:38
17. F.G. Noise & Jo Cartwright - Shed My Skin (Original Mix) 06:36
18. Ikerya Project - Neo Terra (Original Mix) 08:05
19. Straight Up & Lokka Vox - Another Life (Ikerya Project Remix) 07:09
20. Kaimo K & Sarah Russell - Why Can't You Love Me (Original Mix) 06:50
21. Somna & Yang & Melynda - Believe In You (O.B.M Notion Remix) 07:13
22. Russell G - Together (Original Mix) 07:22
23. Stargazers Ft. Fridolijn - Soul From Harm (Original Mix) 05:26
24. Cold Rush & Elles De Graaf - Daydreamer (Alan Morris Remix) 07:20
25. C-Systems & Hanna Finsen - Running (Original Mix) 06:16

Uplifting Trance (2017)
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We welcome Dutch DJ and producer Maarten de Jong to the Amsterdam Trance Records family and when he's not touring the world or hosting his monthly radio show 'Fully Loaded', he's in the studio turning out quality productions for all the big labels. Joining Maarten for a touch of Vocal Trance Bliss is one of our favourites in Katty Heath, the voice of an ever-growing collection of Trance hits. 'All That Matters' has both artists at peak performance: an epic production with an equally epic vocal take.
Amir Hussain is back on Amsterdam Trance Records and teaming up with Vocal Trance superstar Cathy Burton for 'Loving You Just The Same'. This one is pure energy from the very first beat with straight up Trance vibes and a gorgeous atmosphere all topped off with Cathy's perfect vocal performance.
Irish DJ and producer Artisan, also known as half of Trance duo Tucandeo is making his first appearance here on Essentializm and teaming up with none other than Kate Louise Smith. Kate is coming off a huge hit with Stargazers in 'Black Diamond' and delivers another stiring performance.

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Раздел: Trance / Melodic / Energy

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