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Generation Trance Shadows (2016)

Generation Trance Shadows (2016)

Раздел: Trance / Uplifting / Melodic
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Стиль: Trance / Uplifting / Melodic

Generation Trance Shadows (2016)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Generation Trance Shadows
Label: Zhyk Group
Style: Melodic, Emotional, Trance
Release Date: 10.07.2016
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 35 Tracks
Size: 491 Mb / 03:33:04 Min

01. Bruce Cullen - Beermotion (Original Mix) 06:08
02. Division - Shadows (Original Mix) 05:37
03. Dimension And Ryoji Takahashi - Hidamari (Radio Edit) 03:29
04. Apaches - Dark Matter (Original Mix) 07:08
05. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - Relentless (Extended Mix) 06:56
06. Store N Forward & Elles De Graaf - Distant Hearts (Original Mix) 06:25
07. Night Sky Ft. Juliet Lyons - When You Are Near (Original Mix) 06:55
08. Kyau And Albert - Be There 4 U (Ferry Tayle Radio Edit) 03:06
09. Arty And Andrew Bayer - Follow The Light (Original Mix) 06:46
10. Arctic Moon - We Burn Like Stars (Radio Edit) 03:39
11. Jorn Van Deynhoven - Flashback 03:15
12. Project 8 - Injector (Original Mix) 07:00
13. Maria Healy - The Story 07:46
14. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Fiction 03:46
15. Daniel Skyver & Lee Osborne - Rivalry Aside (Original Mix) 06:49
16. Monoverse And Nando - Amarain (Original Mix) 06:43
17. Finding Wonderland - Emerge (Original Mix) 08:12
18. Platunoff - You Feel It's Better (Original Mix) 05:45
19. Maratone Feat. Dee Dee - Time Will Tell (Original Mix) 06:37
20. Seven Ways - X-Life (Original Mix) 07:04
21. Tim Penner - The Tunnel (Mark Found Remix) 09:31
22. The Pulsarix - Destiny (Original Mix) 07:32
23. Gordey Tsukanov - Dark Sight (Original Mix) 07:41
24. Ilya Vig - I Wish (Original Mix) 06:25
25. Javii Wind - Voices Of Another Dimension (Original Mix) 08:27
26. Harry Square & Ben Stone - Red Orbit (Original Mix) 05:35
27. Malc B - Sensus (Original Mix) 06:01
28. Spencer Brown - Wannamaker (Original Mix) 05:36
29. Fatum Vs. Judah - Anybody (Original Mix) 05:37
30. Marco V - Energy Of Love (Timelapse Mix) 05:32
31. Chicane - Offshore (Grum Remix) 03:39
32. Signum - Knock Knock 03:41
33. Edelways - A Farewell To Arms (Extended Mix) 06:46
34. Ciro Visone & Jtb - Balance (Original Mix) 07:20
35. Fady & Mina - The Temple (Radio Edit) 04:22

Generation Trance Shadows (2016)
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Compilation - meeting in the huge amount of tracks on each day and the mood, and maybe the same attitudes and beliefs!

No strangers to the shrine of FSOE, Fady& Mina’s latest production brings together exotic influences and well crafted studio skills. Their offering of monumental breakdowns and floor fillingbasslines pleases the legendary trance gods. Welcome to The Temple.
Hailing from Moscow, Edelways' classic, euphoric Trance sound is right at home on Always Alive. A Farewell To Arms brings seamless, layered synths alongside delicate, building FX and rolling energy throughout.
This Polish DJs latest release We Burn Like Stars rattles with energy and every beat unlocks more uplifting goodness. An emotional breakdown, clever vocal sampling and epic drop make for another Arctic Moon cocktail.
Sean Tyas and Darren Porter brand new collaboration is everything we could’ve wanted on Aly & Fila Future Sound of Egypt label.

As undeniably astounding as any of Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor previous endeavors, Fiction is the progressive masterpiece of today fueling the sound of tomorrow. Inspiring awe through magical chord progressions and harmonies, the songs allows for minds to drift and thoughts to wander.

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Раздел: Trance / Uplifting / Melodic

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