» » » » Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3 (2016)

Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3 (2016)

Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3 (2016)

Раздел: Disco / Electronic / House / Tech
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Стиль: Disco / Electronic / House / Tech

Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3 (2016)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3
Label: Nothing But Records
Style: Funky, Tribal, Soulful, Tech House
Release Date: 11-11-2016
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 25 Tracks
Size: 402 Mb / 02:56:03 Min

01. Wawa - Flamenco (Main Mix) 07:06
02. Mark Alvarado - Modulation (Original Mix) 06:24
03. Flash Brothers - Faith In Love (Shmuel Flash & Huge-A Remix) 07:10
04. Mr Hermano - Free As The Morning Sun (Haji & Emanuel Remix) 08:05
05. Russell Vargas - On The Green (Rv's Classic Mix) 08:17
06. Camouflage - Vibe Factory (Original Mix) 07:50
07. Gramophonedzie - Blah! (Original Mix) 05:46
08. Spectre - Its Time To Let Go (Alex Zoon & Oliver Loenn Remix) 06:36
09. Jay Lumen - Chicago Milkshake (Belocca Lip Dub) 10:19
10. Big Ed - I Feel You (Mackabee's Feel) 08:08
11. Mirco Esposito - It's All On You (Dj Le Roi Remix) (Feat. Colin Corvez) 06:32
12. Bruno Browning - Passport (Wolfies Mix) 07:00
13. Sami Dee - Da Fly (Sami Dee's Club Mix) 07:13
14. Ralphski - Keep Me Awake (Stereo Mutants Club Mix) (Feat. Kristie) 08:25
15. Daddy Funk 45 - Down Down Down (Audio Affinity Club Mix) (Feat. Nicole Tyler) 07:17
16. Max Porcelli - On The Dancefloor (Original Mix) (Feat. Alison Wade) 05:43
17. Blm - Nacho (Original Mix) 06:02
18. Monodeluxe - Keep On Dancing (Original Mix) 05:15
19. Jazzentials - The Jackal (Dekky’s Re-Interpretation) 06:08
20. After 6 - Fast Car (Renaissance Mix) (Feat. Angela Dennis) 07:37
21. Andre Crom - Park Life (Original Mix) 08:44
22. Demarkus Lewis - My Team (Original Mix) 06:04
23. Lovecity - A Little Closer (Paolo Faz Original Mix) (Feat. Dany L) 05:27
24. Alphadisco - Africa Calls (Jay Kay Remix) 06:06
25. Donald Sheffey - Yes They Do Web (Club Mix) 06:37

Nothing But... House Classics Vol 3 (2016)
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With tracks and remixes from Wawa, Mark Alvarado, Haji & Emanuel, Camouflage, Gramophonedzie, Belocca Lip, DJ Le Roi, Bruno Browning, Sami Dee, Stereo Mutants, Audio Affinity, BLM, Monodeluxe, Dekky, Andre Crom, Luca Doobie, Demarkus Lewis, Paolo Faz, Jay Kay, Flash Brothers, Mr Hermano, Benji Candelario pres. Russell Vargas, Spectre, Jay Lumen, Big Ed, Roberto De Carlo & Mirco Esposito feat. Colin Corvez, Ralphski feat Kristie.
Marko Milicevic is Gramophonedzie : the MTV award winning Serbian superstar who is currently riding a serious wave following a remarkable breakthrough year in 2010. From his hometown of Belgrade, he has forged a loyal worldwide following for his distinctive productions and performances.
With his roots spanning a wide musical spectrum and a deep passion for funky music, live instruments and intensive vocals, production career began in 2000 when he was selected to study at the Red Bull Music Academy in Ireland. He subsequently completed a degree in Sound Design at Belgrade University and went onto produce soundtracks for a number of commercials, films and television as well as producing for several Serbian bands.
Having already developed his taste for house music from earlier years in the Atlanta club scene, Bruno's appreciation became more refined during his very fond and formative years living as a part of the San Francisco nightlife. When it came time to fill his crates, the familiar sights and sounds of San Francisco house played an integral role in Bruno's developing his own deep but decidedly funky sound.

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Раздел: Disco / Electronic / House / Tech

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