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Keep It Jackin Vol 4 (2016)

Keep It Jackin Vol 4 (2016)

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Keep It Jackin Vol 4 (2016)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Keep It Jackin Vol 4
Label: LW Recordings
Style: Funky, UK Jackin, Soulful, Nu Disco
Release Date: 04-11-2016
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 25 Tracks
Size: 377 Mb / 02:41:21 Min

1. Cev's - What's It Exactly (Funk Protectors Remix) 07:17
2. Serge Gee - Funky Tv News 06:01
3. Bsj - Dancer (Hutch Mix) 06:08
4. Stranger Danger - Chillem Get Up 06:16
5. Funkyloco - Jazz Once Again (Original Mix) 06:50
6. Bear Essentials - What's Happening (Silverfox Dub Thrilla Remix) 06:36
7. The Stoned - Down & Out 07:13
8. Whogo - Rise 07:23
9. Wally Drag - Right One (Dj Jayms Remix) 05:20
10. Red - Higher Ground 06:34
11. Luigi Egitto - To Be Free 06:41
12. Dj Le-Roy - That's Deep 07:22
13. Scott Morter - Robot Jack 20 06:08
14. Wayne Brett - Gourmet Shit 07:32
15. Judd - Pac Man 06:13
16. B Jinx - Keep Em Comin 06:15
17. Nick Barna - Deep Impact 05:28
18. Gianluca Nasci & Christian Gereon - Nu Groove (Ian Carrera Remix) 05:48
19. Nora Thud - Thuddish Behaviour (Original Mix) 07:15
20. Flapjackers - Pillow Talk (Scott Morter Goes Old School) 06:40
21. Midik - Trash Can Funk (Original Mix) 06:16
22. Jason - Rude Boy (Original Mix) 05:16
23. Cevs - Roger That (Original Mix) 06:13
24. Poison Jam Sam - Sophisticated (Original Mix) 06:09
25. Mikalogic - Spandrel (Original Mix) 06:16

Keep It Jackin Vol 4 (2016)
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French house producer, Julien Cadet aka CEV's is a name to watch. Originally a guitarist for 15 years including 6 years playing in a 'prog rock' band called "Ageless", 2005 saw Julien turn his attention to house music. 2008 saw his first release "Freak Show" on Emote Music and since then, he has appeared on labels such Juiced Music, Cabbie Hat, Housepital, Answegg and a whole lot more!
DJ and producer of Drum and Bass, which was one of the most important at that time in the local musical scene. He moved to his current city, Guadalajara, where he started to play in restaurants, bars and clubs different genres, including house acid jazz and lounge music. With stable knowledge already, he started producing Deep House music. It was at this time when Sugar Shack put their eyes on him and made him decide to dedicate himself completely to House music. In the making of his Sugar Shack Radio's podcasts he met the music of Ritmo Du Vela who was invited to collaborate with him, good chemistry came out of it. Nowadays Ritmo is a great friend and a good supporter of him.
The Stoned is a father and son duo out of San Antonio, Texas! (Josh Stone and Josh Stone Jr) With the means to spead the love of music!
Scott Morter has always shared something special with music, since his early years playing both guitar and piano he gradually progressed into the realm of electronic music.
Midik aka James Kerley comes once again with this blend of deep, acid and hip hop house vibes. Influenced by the 90's midwest house and rave scene as well as the post Dilla hip hop scene he somehow manages to blend all of his influences into an original stew of house goodness. Midik has been a part of the Intimate Venues team since before the first release even dropped and has continued to come with amazing musical offerings. If you like it a little left field but with enough standard feel to keep it in the mix Midik and this new EP are just for you.
Once again, Jazz wins the day! This time courtesy of the one like Funkyloco! DJ Le-Roy - That's Deep is the latest release on Southside Housemusic.

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