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Best of Chillout 2016 Vol 05 (2016)

Best of Chillout 2016 Vol 05 (2016)

Раздел: Chillout / Lounge
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Стиль: Chillout / Lounge

Best of Chillout 2016 Vol 05 (2016)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Best of Chillout Vol 05
Label: EDM Comps
Style: Downtempo, Lounge, Chill Out
Release Date: 07-11-2016
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 20 Tracks
Size: 228 Mb / 01:38:35 Min

01. Koda - Mikis (Original Mix] 04:55
02. Sinerider - South (Original Mix] 05:18
03. Puremusic - This Moment (Original Mix] 05:31
04. Jani R - A Thousand Flares (Data Rebel Remix] 05:58
05. State Azure - Something Unseen (Original Mix] 06:53
06. City Lies - Eastbound (Original Mix] 06:34
07. Unfabled - Time Is Out (Original Mix] 06:44
08. Johan Vilborg - Symphonic Change (Original Mix] 06:18
09. Andevour - Blossom (Original Mix] 04:54
10. Manu Zain - Going On (Original Mix] 03:22
11. Shane Robinson - Between Us (Original Mix] 04:58
12. Claes Rosen - Quizkey (Original Mix] 03:06
13. Owen Ear - Sameness (Original Mix] 04:09
14. Eric Rigo - Flight Of The Birds (Original Mix] 03:40
15. Rod V - Viviendo Los Tiempos (Original Mix] 04:54
16. Discourse - Overdue (Original Mix] 01:51
17. White Living Room - The Longest Cave (Original Mix] 03:56
18. Braak - Joy (Original Mix] 04:14
19. Delectatio - 'Til The End (Original Mix] 04:18
20. Andrew Odd - Dawn (Original Mix] 06:57

Best of Chillout 2016 Vol 05 (2016)
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The original mix of "That Morning" starts off with a hypnotizing soundscape, including stunning pads and a gorgeous melodic lead. Additional pad layers emerge as the track progresses, and a soft breakbeat is slowly built up. A mesmerizing rhodes synth is introduced mid-track; its melody goes fantastically well with the beat and the string lines on top. Zimbabwean born producer Demure, now residing in the UK, gives his first contribution to Silk Sofa with his remix of "That Morning". The track begins with an array of lush pad lines, as well as a well-crafted breakbeat. On top is a delayed piano line, which is supported by floating background synths. New additions are made to the piano line later, and a supporting lead riff spices things up further.
"Tomorrow" includes incredibly smooth percussion elements and intriguing guitar lines. The background pad layers and soothing melodies contribute to the already haunting atmosphere. The second track, "Going On", quickly establishes the main melodic content, including interesting arpeggio lines and a male vocal stem. Once again, a well-crafted beat and numerous guitar riffs greatly enhance the listening experience.
The intro song, "Prelude For The Modest", is a soothing and captivating ambient experience, including subtle piano notes and lush pad layers. The Original Mix of "Flight Of The Birds" starts off with an enjoyable soundscape, in which the theme hook of the song is introduced early. The piano notes beautifully accent the theme melody, while numerous background pad lines and sound effects spice up the atmosphere.

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