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Noize Compressor - The Best Rhythms (2016)

Noize Compressor - The Best Rhythms (2016)

Раздел: Club / House / Progressive
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Стиль: Club / House / Progressive

Noize Compressor - The Best Rhythms (2016)

Artist: Noize Compressor
Title: The Best Rhythms
Label: BMW Recordings
Style: House, Progressive, Club
Release Date: 28.03.2016
Format: CD, Album
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 15 Tracks
Size: 222 Mb / 01:37:17 Min

01. Noize Compressor - You Art (Original Mix) 04:22
02. Noize Compressor - Like Disco (Original Mix) 06:11
03. Noize Compressor - Can You Party (Original Mix) 05:46
04. Noize Compressor - On Now (Original Mix) 07:22
05. Noize Compressor - Diffusion Sax (Original Mix) 06:15
06. Noize Compressor - Street Bang (Original Mix) 06:07
07. Noize Compressor - La Fiesta (Original Mix) 04:45
08. Noize Compressor - Come Down! (Original Mix) 06:53
09. Noize Compressor - Home (Original Mix) 08:14
10. Noize Compressor - Mescaline (Original Mix) 07:02
11. Noize Compressor - Born To Break (Original Mix) 06:18
12. Noize Compressor - Shadows (Original Mix) 06:36
13. Noize Compressor - La Guitarra (Original Mix) 07:30
14. Noize Compressor - Intoxication (Original Mix) 07:28
15. Zelensky - Temptation (Noize Compressor Remix) 06:23

Noize Compressor - The Best Rhythms (2016)
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I was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 30th in 1984 under the name László Bukri. Back then my headphones weren't attached to my head permanently. Maybe it'll sound a bit like cliché, but its true: Music is my life. At first, like many others, I've tried to entertain my grand audience at different house partys. As the time went by and my passion to the music deepened, I thought, I should try to make music on my own. At that time I didnt even know how to start. It was really tough at first, my early tracks didnt made it to my toplist, so to say. I started everything from the ground up, reading How to's, watching tremendous numbers of youtube videos, just about the basics. Fortunately I have a really good friend and a great mentor, who helped me in the early years, and I'm very greatful for his work. When my music started to feel more and more complete, I've sent them to alot of different publishers. At the end I can thank my first real release to the O.S.S Records. My favourite genres of music are Trance andTech House Deep House.

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Раздел: Club / House / Progressive

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