» » » Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)

Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)

Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)

Раздел: Dance / Euro / Pop
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Стиль: Dance / Euro / Pop

Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)

Artist: Inna
Title: Heaven (Remixes)
Label: Roton Music, Global Records
Style: Reggaeton, Eurodance, Club, Tropical, Latin
Release Date: 01.08.2016
Format: CD, Album
Quality: VBR Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 24 Tracks
Size: 202 Mb / 05:15:42 Min

01. Inna - Heaven (Radio Edit) 03:28
02. Inna - Heaven (Addictive Elements & Mika Violin Remix) 03:42
03. Inna - Heaven (Adrian Funk X Olix Remix) 03:30
04. Inna - Heaven (Alfred Beck & Chewy Vega Remix) 04:44
05. Inna - Heaven (Andros Remix) 03:32
06. Inna - Heaven (Chadash Cort Remix) 04:25
07. Inna - Heaven (Clanker Jones Remix) 03:31
08. Inna - Heaven (Criminal Sounds Remix) 04:21
09. Inna - Heaven (Deepen Groove & Ralph Kayden Remix) 03:50
10. Inna - Heaven (Deepierro Remix) 04:25
11. Inna - Heaven (Dirty Nano Remix) 04:30
12. Inna - Heaven (Dj Asher Remix) 05:13
13. Inna - Heaven (Dream Big Remix Edit) 03:23
14. Inna - Heaven (Extended Mix) 04:02
15. Inna - Heaven (Llp Remix Edit) 03:39
16. Inna - Heaven (Llp Remix) 05:20
17. Inna - Heaven (Manuel Riva Remix) 05:23
18. Inna - Heaven (Midi Culture Remix) 05:12
19. Inna - Heaven (Paul Damixie Remix) 05:31
20. Inna - Heaven (Redshuz Remix) 03:14
21. Inna - Heaven (Sllash Remix) 05:19
22. Inna - Heaven (Thrace Remix) 03:17
23. Inna - Heaven (Tiben Remix) 05:25
24. Inna - Heaven (Tom Ferry Remix) 04:44

Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)
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Inna fully explored her Latin side on 2013’s Party Never Ends, an album that includes collaborations with reggaetón king Daddy Yankee, Spanish DJ and hitmaker Juan Magán and reggaetón star Yandel.
Inna was also invited to collaborate with Pitbull on his album Global Warming (in the track “All The Things”), underscoring her status as one of Europe’s biggest stars.
It's a song that's very close to my heart because it’s my first song that has a slow tempo and a message: ‘Can you bring the sun in my life?’ Bring The Sun In My Life” has expanded to multiple countries thanks to interest and support from various non-profits that are using Inna’s music and image to convey a message of empowerment for women. In addition, Inna has been deeply involved with various NGO’s such as Unicef and Save the Children where she serves as an endorser and activist.

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Раздел: Dance / Euro / Pop

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» » » Inna - Heaven (Remixes) (2016)